Giorgio Barovero

If you are curious to taste my wines, come and visit me at my winery: we'll get to know each other and I'll show you how I work.

About me

I love my job and I love my land, that I respect, protect and listen to.

This is why I never followed the trends, I never got along with the disciplinary.

The only rules that I instinctively follow are the organic ones, because they are compatible with my idea of agriculture.

Even in the cellar the attentions are not lacking. Since its arrival in the laboratory, the grapes are treated with respect and I only use organic yeasts, and I try to make fermentation as natural as possible.

The winery tour

The visit to my cellar doesn’t follow a predetermined path.

There are those who come to see the vineyards, those who come for the cellar. There are also those who simply want to taste the final product. How we’ll structure it is your choice.

I am willing to tell you everything I do and know, and when I find you interested I’m glad to take my time and go in depth.

At the end of the tour you’ll have to be a bit patient and give me time to set up the tasting, for I’m alone taking care of every aspect.

If you have booked in advance you have given me the opportunity to offer you in combination a well-assorted platter of cold cuts and cheeses.