About me

My company, my philosophy, my name on the label. I'm Giorgio Barovero, and I work my own way.

I haven’t always been a winemaker. On the contrary, I come from a profession that has nothing to do with wine … but those family lands, those vines that were letf to themselves were there, calling me for a long time.

So I decided to study, to listen to those who learned the art of the vine before me, and to build a self-taught winemaking culture.

Here I am today, 20 years later, 15 years of certified organic production, producing wine in a land that is now known all over the world.

Land with which I have always had a strong bond, for it is capable of talking to me, and I of listening to its needs.

That between me and my vineyard has been a relationship of mutual trust from the beginning: I protect you, you protect me.


This is why I never followed the trends, I never got along with the disciplinary.

Every year my plants have different needs, which depend on the climate, the moon, and many other factors that we do not know in detail.

I observe them and try to understand how to nourish them, then I gather the fruits and try to understand how to make the most of them, respecting their features.

There are no equal years, and my clients know this well. This year Nebbiolo goes in wood, the next maybe it won’t.

The surface of the entire farm is 7.5 hectares, of which the best exposed to the sun, the sorì, are planted with vines in the following proportions:

  • Ha 3.50 Dolcetto
  • Ha 0.63 Barbera
  • Ha 0,17 Nebbiolo
  • Ha 0,13 Cabernet Sauvignon

Organic wine

The only rules that I instinctively follow are the organic ones, because they are compatible with my idea of agriculture.

After a few years of working among the rows, that of converting the company was a natural choice: already I always looked for alternative solutions to chemistry, which seemed to me simply out of place in a living environment like that of the vineyard.

In 2002 I therefore officially became organic thanks to the Bioagricert srl certification.

I have gradually reduced the verdigris, forgotten forever the weeding and started treating the vines with herbal or seaweed extracts.

Today my vineyard is a real forest, with a rich and self-sufficient ecosystem.

I try to follow the phases of the moon as much as possible: I’m not biodynamic, but I try.

I also call myself “vegan friendly” because I absolutely exclude every type of animal product.

Even in the cellar the attentions are not lacking. Since its arrival in the laboratory, the grapes are treated with respect: they arrive in the tanks by falling from the top, they are not pressed so as not to break the skins.

I only use organic yeasts, and I try to make fermentation as natural as possible.

Lower the temperature with cold water pipes, and heat it with the stove.

In January, after the malolactic fermentation, I open the cellar doors to let in the frost and stop the fermentation.


My company and the family vineyards are in Monforte, an internationally renown town.

Piedmontese wine enthusiasts consider it a must, and the cellars are born and grow fast.

But this land has not always been this way: it was a peasant place, always linked to genuine agriculture and respectful of the needs of nature, which with its fruits helped to survive the long winter.

Today the same fruits have become money, sometimes driven by fashions and marketing.

From this world I want to distance myself: I produce wine in my own way, more on the mold of the past than on the current ultra-modern one.

My wines are pure expression of the territory, never influenced by the tastes and preferences of the consumer.