Visit my winery

I will try to convey the love I have for my work and will guide you through the tasting of my wines.

As you may have guessed, mine is not the classic Langhe cellar. Or rather, not one of the popular ones today, with a hospitality studied in detail and an international spirit.

I’m not a Barolo producer, and I don’t follow the latest fashion in winemaking.

I work in full respect of the land, however, and I do it with a natural passion that I would like to share with those who come to visit me.

The visit to my cellar does not follow a predetermined path, and like my wines, it changes every time: there are those who come to see the vineyards, those who come for the cellar. There are also those who simply want to taste the final product.

I am willing to tell you everything I do and know, more or less in detail depending on your preparation, and when I find you interested I’m glad to take my time and go in depth.

Here’s – more or less – how the complete tour takes place.

Walk among the rows

Young and old vineyards: we’ll compare the rows, where everything originates

All 7.5 hectares of land are around my winery.

Some vines, like the one of Barbera just behind the house, date back 60 years, while others I planted recently.

If you are interested, if the weather permits, if you have enough time … we start the journey with a walk in the vineyards, to understand the differences between the varieties, my choices, the attentions of organic farming.

For me viticulture is a job, but first and foremost a hobby: I will never finish studying and looking for new ways to treat my vines.

Tour of the winery

Following the path of the grapes, we’ll then move to the cellar

Although there is that touch of modernity necessary to guarantee a quality production, my wine-making premises appear as what they are: a simple laboratory, with just what’s needed.

We’ll go down a flight of stairs and I’ll show you the tubes at the top, from which the grapes fall into the tanks.

I’ll then illustrate to you step by step what happens: the insertion of organic yeasts, the fermentation of 5-8 days which I induce thanks to hot water pipes (which bring the temperature to 28 °), the racking and the recycling of the marcs as fertilizer.

I’ll then proceed with the explanation of the 3 pourings to decant from the lees, of how I bring the room to 20 ° for the malolactic fermentation thanks to my faithful stove, and of how I interrupt it by opening the doors in January.

And then wood or no wood? It depends. I’ll tell you my opinion on the expression and needs of grapes, how I communicate and understand them.

We don’t agree? Let’s talk about it and finally taste my wines.


After so many words it is time to judge the result of my work

As anticipated I do not intend to compare myself with the great wineries of Langa.

I am alone, and I follow every aspect of the winery independently, from production to reception.

For this reason at the end of the tour you will not find the table set and a glass for every wine to taste, but I’ll need from you a moment of patience, to give me time to prepare everything.

The tasting costs € 20 per person and includes the tasting of all my wines.

If you have booked in advance you have given me the opportunity to offer you in combination a well-assorted platter of cold cuts and cheeses, with bread and breadsticks, but even if you showed up by surprise I won’t leave you on an empty stomach.

Book your visit and come to discover my winery

The tasting costs € 20 per person and includes the tasting of all my wines.

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Useful info

  • Dolcetto d’Alba DOC 
  • Dolcetto d’Alba DOC Superiore
  • Barbera d’Alba DOC
  • Barbera d’Alba DOC Superiore
  • Nebbiolo d’Alba DOC
  • Langhe Rosso DOC

20 € per person.

I can welcome a max of 15 people.

Yes, the farm’s courtyard has ample parking, which is also suitable for campers and busses.

Preferably in Italian, but I’ll always find a way to communicate :-)

Your pet is welcome if it’s friendly with other dogs! :-)

I accept all major payment cards.

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